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A Comprehensive Breakdown of your Charter costs and fees

Planning your charter it is important to be aware of what is included in the cost of an excursion. Half Full has a base charter fee and additional expenses such as food, fuel and subject to the terms and conditions within the charter agreements which vary and is dependent on the level of service, type of fishing or diving, fuel, overnight dockage and season. No request is too large or detail too small on the Half full, however, it is wise to keep in mind the costs so we have provided an explanation below of expectations to ensure no unpleasant surprises arise.

Base Charter Fee

The base charter fee is to hire the Half Full, insured, with a licensed and experienced Captain and Mate. All equipment is top of the line and in good working order.


  • Low season – $3,500
  • High season – $4,000
  • Overnight (Minimum 2 days, 1 Night) – $8,500 + Expenses

Other Consideration

Payment Policy: pay pal, wires, credit cards, cash, thirty day for overnight advance payment.

Insurance: the Half Full is fully insured under the base charter fee. However, there are other insurance costs to be considered, such as excess charterer liability insurance or Cancellation and Curtailment cover.

Cancellations: weather conditions, or cancellation without notice policy and the amount to be retained.

Charter Agreements

The charter agreement we will both execute will depend on the number of guests, where in the world we are, and the trip plans. Our standard agreement form is up to six guests which we have a standard charter agreement. Our insurance allows snorkeling, diving, and spearfishing but will require one more agreement.


As you are our guest we treat you with respect and take great pride in the Half Full and your experience. We aim to please and hope you enjoy. We only ask you respect the office and take care of the personnel. A generous tip goes along way to keeping the happy faces and feeding the families of your Captain and Mate.

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