Recently the Half Full Sportfishing team went in search of the elusive swordfish on a swordfish fishing charter in the Florida Keys.

Swordfish are large, predatory pelagic fish that are highly migratory, traveling in the open ocean in depths from the surface to over 1800 feet deep.

There are two primary ways we fish for Swordfish aboard the Half Full.

During daylight hours Swordfish stay in deep water, making deep-drop fishing the most suited technique to entice and hook one of these rare beasts, as baits are placed at depths known to attract the swordfish.

At night, we normally drift fish for this species at shallower depths, using glow-lights for added bait attractiveness.

On this exciting adventure, our team struck out for Floyd’s wall, some 30 miles off of the dock at Key Colony, early in the morning for a daytime Swordfish fishing adventure.

After taking some time to explore where we thought it would be best to get started with our deep-dropping, we began making drops in roughly 1000 feet of water.

After some near misses, our guests were treated to an exciting fight from a strong little Swordfish.

Not a bad day to spend the day on the water off the Florida Keys, and a delicious way to cap the day off back at the dock!


Come fish with us on the Half Full!

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